Dr Grafix is Dr Michelle Frantom – a traditionally trained career visual artist who moved into digital media 12 years ago. I’m  way too truthful and slightly eccentric. 

I was born in the Chinese Year of the Rat. Rats are resilient, creative and resourceful which are all good qualities for life – and for making art.

Until 2016 I lectured in drawing for graphic design at TAFE. Currently I am a sessional academic for Curtin University.

I love illustration. I start out with hand drawing and finish off in Photoshop. Sometimes I use Illustrator as well.

I have a couple of styles – ‘2D’ line with flat colour, and a rendered ‘3D’ style for conceptual pieces. All of my illustrations can be printed digitally.

I also design logos, posters, adverts, headers and business cards. When I’m not being creative I surf as often as I can.

Want to know more? Check out the Meet Michelle Frantom interview here on Illustrators Australia’s blog.

'Doctor' Doctor

My other great passion is philosophy. In fact I love it so much I completed a PhD ( Doctor of Creative Arts) at Curtin University in 2013. 

A creative PhD has 2 components. Mine was made up of a 40,000 word thesis and a body of artwork, which I exhibited at John Curtin Gallery.

The discussion in the thesis was based on the idea that by applying Jung’s method of ‘active imagination’, image-making can be a revelatory practice for consciousness that gives us new insights into the nature of reality (and human consciousness). The practical research (paintings and drawings) were based on The Gap – a spectacular wild-site on the south coast of Western Australia.

You can download my thesis ‘Her Beauty and Her Terror: Portrait of an Archetypal Land’ for free at Academia.edu. If you want to know more, or discuss any of the ideas in my thesis, you are welcome to contact me.